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Small changes make a difference

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

It is Plastic-Free July! This month is always a great time to reflect and reset some habits. We, here at Sustainable Wraps, strongly believe in small changes make a difference.

So in the spirit of plastic free July here are some of our favourite swaps.

  • 1. Single-use shopping bags for reusable ones

  • 2. Swap liquid soap to bar of soap

  • 3. Ditch single-use plastic bottles for Reusable drink bottle

  • 4. Switch plastic toothbrush for bamboo ones

  • 5. Say no to plastic straws - go without or use reusable or paper options

  • 6. Remember your reusable coffee cup instead single-use cups. Paper coffee cups are lined with plastic and cant be recycled easily.

  • 7. Swap out plastic sponges for cloth alternatives

  • 8. Don’t use plastic scrubbing brushes, instead use wooden/ bamboo options

  • 9. Refuse plastic bags at the bakery, ask for paper alternative or take your own. Or make your own bread

  • 10. Don’t use single-use soft plastics instead enjoy beeswax wraps/ Sustainable Wraps to brighten your day and keep your food fresh.

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