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The unique and practical gift for Christmas

Christmas is a joyful time when we celebrate with those near to us. What better way to demonstrate your care than to give a gift that looks after the environment that your near and dear live in. Here is a few reasons Sustainable Wraps are the perfect gift to give.

Our Sustainable Wraps can be used in lots of fun ways this Christmas including for gifting, entertaining and reducing waste!

Perfect gift that enables you to give sustainably

If you are stuck on what to buy your family or friends this year, look no further. Sustainable wraps are the perfect gift for those who have everything with plenty of fun designs and sizes, there’s a wrap for everyone. It is also the guilt free gift, Australian’s receive over 20 million unwanted gifts each Christmas so why not give a gift they will actually use?

Keep your food fresh

Sustainable wraps are the perfect food covering whether you are the host providing the spread or the guest bringing a dish. Keep your food such as salads sealed and fresh throughout the travel or on the table before your guests arrive.

Wrap up all those leftovers

Christmas brings everyone together with food and sharing, so there is often a mountain of leftovers at the end of the day. Every year over 5 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill over the Christmas period. This Christmas use Sustainable Wraps to wrap up that leftover cheese, bread, baked goods, salad and more to help reduce the food waste.

Wrap home baked goods

Planning on baking homemade gifts this year made with love? Why not wrap them up in sustainable wraps which will keep them fresh and they’ll have something to remember them by which they can reuse again and again

Wrapping paper

Save on paper and wrap your gifts in a Sustainable Wrap this year. The receiver will love it as it’s two gifts in one! The environment will also thank you, as Australian’s use over 150,000km of wrapping paper every Christmas.

Bowl for sides

These nifty wraps can be manoeuvred into all shapes including into little bowls for fruit and treats. Perfect to pop on the table, use in picnics or give snacks to the kids.

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