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How to use your beeswax Wraps 

Sustainable Wraps are the perfect food wraps. They can cover your leftovers clinging easily to the bowl be it ceramic, bamboo, or glass. Frustration removed! They can also directly wrap your fruit and veggies keeping yummies like that half an avocado for tomorrow's breakfast fresh or half a lemon ready for the next cocktail. The nature of a beeswax wraps allows the food to breathe. This makes a Sustainable Food Wrap the perfect covering for bread as it won't dry it out or make it sweat. No one wants sweaty bread! And what else do you need to go with bread? Cheese. Sustainable Wraps are ideal to wrap your cheese in. Plus, you can make pockets to store loose leaves if you need a salad to go with the bread and cheese. Or if you need to hide a snack, wrap it in a beeswax wrap, your Sustainable Wrap. So as you read and see Sustainable Wraps are great to wrap all kinds of food and kitchen yummy, just not meat and hot dishes as beeswax is not a fan of hot temperatures thus they can't be cleaned in hot water.


To use: Simply place the Wrap over your food or dish and with the warmth and pressure of your hands mould the wrap to seal your food. 

Once you consume your food you simply wash your Sustainable Wrap and store it for next time.

You can wash it by running it under a cool tap or wipe it down like your benchtops with cool to mild-warm water and detergent if needed. The less detergent will ensure longevity from the beeswax. If for example, it is on your loaf of bread you may opt to dust off the crumbs.

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