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beeswax wraps

One sister has a backyard beehive, the other a passion for patterns and fabric and it was the combination of these individual interests that led to the creation of Sustainable Wraps. We up-cycled the remnants of the one sister's quilting stash and used the byproduct of the other sister's honey production to create our first batch of beeswax Wraps for one of our children's school fair. The popularity and interest in the product and the enjoyment gained from adult sisters being able to spend time together making Sustainable Wraps have led us to where we are now; selling them here online and stocking local organic grocery and homewares stores. 


What drives us? We were born and raised in northern Tasmania on a remote self-sustainable farm and have always appreciated the need to look after our environment. While we both now love calling our urban jungle Melbourne home, we still have a love for sustainable practice. 

We are acutely aware of environmental issues. Every year over 6 million tonnes of rubbish are dumped into the oceans worldwide, 80% of which is plastic. The majority of plastic waste is made up of food packaging and plastic bags. If we can reduce our plastic consumption we are one step closer to a cleaner greener planet. 

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