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DIY Beeswax Wraps

Collaboration with Kip&Co

Up- cycling is one of the biggest ways we can reduce waste.

Here's a sweet idea on re-using your favourite Kip&Co sheets to make sustainable wraps.

You will need:

Sustainable Wraps wax mix melts (a pre made mixture of Australian beeswax, organic coconut oil, sustainably forested resin)- available to purchase at It's important to note that by using Australian beeswax you are not only supporting Australian apiarists but it is also pesticide free. Australia is the last country in the world to not have the varroa mite, thus we don't need to use pesticides on our hives to keep the bees alive. Sustainable Wraps source their beeswax from a local apiarist who operates a sustainable off-grid business.

  • One piece of medium size fabric (100% cotton)

  • Brush

  • Tray

  • Foil

  • Oven

  • Grater/knife

  • Two extra pieces of fabric

Step 1

Iron your piece of fabric flat.

Step 2

Heat your oven at 160C.

Step 3

Line a tray with foil and lay your fabric flat over the tray.

Step 4

Grate/ chop your wax mixture and sprinkle one third of the wax evenly over the fabric. (The wax mixture provided can do 3 medium size wraps)

Step 5

Place in the oven for five minutes until wax is completely melted.

Step 6

Remove from the oven and immediately use the brush to spread the wax evenly over the fabric.

Step 7

Carefully pick the fabric up from the corners (be super careful as the fabric can be extremely hot and peg to a line to dry.

Care instructions for your wrap

Wipe down with a dishcloth or rinse in cool water with mild dish soap; air dry. Avoid hot dishes, meat and liquids as these will affect the wax coating.

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